Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey! Kids Comics!!

Some updates on comics my kids (and I) are enjoying:

ITEM! The biggest news (at least as far as my daughter is concerned) is that Spongebob Comics is now monthly! She was pretty excited when she reached the last page and noticed that the next issue announcement was for next month rather than two months away. I guess this means monthly visits to the LCS now since Spongebob is not available digitally or through subscription. I do wonder if Spongebob will eventually be released digitally given that other Bongo comics are; however, even if they were, my daughter would still probably prefer print since she likes to pull out the poster from the middle of the comic and hang it on her wall. (Gasp! Non-mint comics! What am I teaching my children?!?)

ITEM! In other Spongebob news, Rich Johnston noticed that the 13th issue will be a special Halloween issue in the vein of the Simpsons comic's Treehouse of Horror with art by legendary creators Steve Bissette, Tony Millionnaire, and Al Jaffee. Sounds like fun we'll see if my kids can handle comic book style horror.

ITEM! I've been searching for some all-ages superhero material to fill the void left behind by the cancellation of Batman: The Brave and The Bold, and so far it looks like the best replacement is... back issues of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. DC's dedicated kids comic book app DC Nation is a great place to find all-ages material at fair prices. Most of the older comics are only $0.99, which feels cheap given the prices for other digital comics. So far the app has offerings from most of the Adventures-style books (except for Justice League Adventures or Justice League Unlimited). As for Batman: The Brave and The Bold, so far there are only 20 comics from the first volume on the DC Nation app, but Comixology has all 22 issues. The two issues missing from the DC Nation app are #8 and #20, which I'd been wanting to read since it features Batman teaming up with Big Barda to rescue Mister Miracle. And it contains this great scene:

ITEM! I've also tried Marvel's recent all-ages offerings, Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man (seriously, those are the full. official titles), but so far my kids aren't that into them and I didn't find them that interesting either. In contrast to DC, Marvel isn't making these titles available digitally. They are available via subscription through, though, (and they come with a discount, 25% for each title individually or 33% off for both in a bundle) but I don't know if I'm ready to commit to either series.


  1. I just wrote a new book comics for kids with tons of great suggestions. There are plenty of great books out there outside of Marvel and DC. It's called A Parent's Guide to the Best Kids' Comics and can be found on Amazon.

  2. Thanks for the info, Scott! The kids do read other all-ages comics (Magic Trixie, Scary Godmother, various Disney titles, pretty much anything from First Second) but in this case I was specifically looking for some superhero material to fill the void left by the cancellation of the Batman: The Brave and The Bold comic. When we would go to the LCS so my daughter could get the latest issue of SpongeBob, my son would ask for new issues of BBB (Better Business Bureau?) since that had been his regular monthly 'habit'. We've tried the new Avengers comic but he doesn't seem too enthused about it.

    And how cool is this? I went to my library's website to see if they had your new book and not only did they have it, but they also had the e-book version available for immediate checkout! So I'm already browsing through your book and finding new kids comics to check out!

  3. How do you and your kids feel about the (still relatively new) Adventure Time comic and/or its just-launched spin-off miniseries, "Marceline and the Scream Queens," in which recovering classical-music snob Princess Bubblegum decides to go on the road with Marceline's rock band?

  4. My kids aren't really familiar with Adventure Time - we don't have cable but they may have seen an episode or two in the hotel while on vacation. I did add the first TPB collection to my library request list, so we'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!