Sunday, January 8, 2012

$5 Off! (Looking More Likely...)

The email to print my $5 coupon for Marvel comics arrived today.  The email gives you a code, which you enter in at  Once the code is validated, you're asked to enter in your ZIP code.  Once that's done, you're presented with a list of three stores to chose from.

The good news is that there are stores near me participating in this promotion.  The bad news is that none of those stores are the ones I usually go to.  Some of the stores I've never heard of before and don't turn up exact matches in a Google search so I'm leery of selecting them since the choice is final.  (The coupon will bear the name of the store you picked and can only be redeemed there.)

I've tried a couple of different ZIP codes and it turns out there is well-reviewed shop near my work so I may check that out to see if it looks good.  Since I have until Jan. 31st to redeem the code / lock in a store / print the coupon, I figure I have time to recon some different stores to see which one I prefer.  So at the very least, Marvel's promotion has made me aware of stores I wasn't aware of, so in that respect it's successful.

Other info:
  • Bleeding Cool has some screenshots of what the final coupon looks like.
  • Here are the FAQ, Privacy Policy, and Consumer Rules for the "Marvel Comic Book Cash" program.
  • Here are some screenshots of the steps to redeem the code:

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  1. hey, i just got one of these, too. Unfortunately, I'm looking for info on this as a scam of sorts. My comic book shop wouldn't honor it. I have to doubt the veracity of this promo simply due to the email lead "Thank you for your purchase" because I didn't purchase anything that would lead to a promo on the internet. I buy my comics at the store, never online...