Saturday, November 12, 2011

Digital Questions: Marvel Edition

Does Marvel ever drop the price on its day-and-date releases?  If I'm remembering correctly, DC drops its prices on digital releases by a buck after a month, but it looks like Marvel keeps its digital titles at full price for much longer than that, at least judging by the "Spider-Island" books.  The first part of the storyline, Amazing Spider-Man #666, was released digitally back in August and it's still full price.  The book was released in print in July, so that means Marvel charged full price for a digital comic even though it wasn't "day-and-date".  (For other examples of old comics being released digitally, look at Fear Itself:  There the first issue was released in print in April and then released digitally in September for pull price!)

I'm sure Marvel must drop the prices at some point, but when?  Is there a schedule?  Now that Marvel is saying it will eventually release all (almost all) titles day-and-date, it would be nice if Marvel disclosed how pricing will work so customers can plan their purchases accordingly.

When will the mobile Marvel app be updated?  Marvel's app (at least on iOS) is still stuck at version 1.5, the same one that's been around for months.  It still gets things done but it's noticeably slower than the newer, slicker, faster versions of the Comixology and DC apps.  This is especially strange given that the Marvel app is described as "powered by Comixology."  The DC app was updated to look and perform like the revamped Comixolgy app almost as soon as that was released, so I'm not sure why the Marvel app has never been updated to take advantage of the new features from Comixology.

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