Monday, October 31, 2011

My One Weakness!

On the way home tonight my kids got to talking about superheroes and their distinctive weaknesses.  It started with Green Lantern and the color yellow (which they didn't get) and then went on to other classic examples such as Superman (Kryptonite) and the Marian Manhunter (fire).

Then they tried to figure out what the weaknesses of other heroes were.  Here are some of my favorite examples they came up with:
  • Red Tornado: "A screwdriver."
  • Batman: "Hot lava."
  • Black Canary: "Louder screaming."
  • Green Arrow: "Stronger arrows."
I thought this was a creative brainstorming activity, so to continue the fun I've created the hashtag #SuperheroWeakness on Twitter.  Feel free to join in!

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