Sunday, September 25, 2011


Seriously, DC, this is the image you want to put forward with all the media attention your relaunch is generating?  This is how you think you're going to attract new, diverse readers?

Seriously, Scott Lobell, this is what you think a woman looks like with "joy on her face"?  I don't see anything resembling a smile in either image of Starfire — heck, I don't think we can even see her face in the second image.

This is from a promotional piece running inside the latest batch of DC's relaunch books.  Which means if you buy a print copy of Wonder Woman #1, a comic featuring a strong, confident female character, that comic will also have these poorly drawn images of a scantily clad superheroine in it.

This is another point in favor of digital comics: No unrelated ads, images, or text contaminating the item you actually intended to read.

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