Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to Buying and Blogging

What is it about shopping that compels me to share?

Ever since I shut down my former blog almost two years ago, I've still been reading plenty of comics, only I've been doing so almost exclusively through the library.  Then last weekend I took my four year old son to a new comic shop that I'd heard about from another dad at a nearby park.  The trip was mainly for him (his older sister was at a girls-only birthday party so I wanted to do something special for him) but I actually ended up buying a copy of Justice League #1 out of curiosity.  What can I say?  The near constant press coverage about the DC relaunch must have worn me down, plus I was surprised to find a copy for cover price since I'd been reading that shops were selling out everywhere.  I didn't expect to enjoy it based on the preview pages I'd read, but I thought at the very least I could give it to my son after I looked at it.

Well, turns out I was right and wrong:  I didn't like it but I probably won't pass it along to him.  My concern isn't that he'd be confused by the different versions of his favorite heroes — he's familiar with the concept of multiple takes on the same characters from reading and watching Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Justice League Unlimited (in fact, he gives each of his different Batman figures unique names to keep them straight) — it's that these overly-violent versions of the heroes aren't ones I'd want my son looking up to or emulating.  (I guess the rating on the cover of "T - Teen" is appropriate.)

On the positive side, the shop (called "Captain Jack's Comic Book Adventures" but it doesn't seem to have any web presence at the moment, other than a mention on the site of its sister store "The College of Comic Book Knowledge" and a short write-up in a local paper) has a nice all-ages section right at the front of the store and the worker was very helpful and pleasant.  My son chose a comic he absolutely adores (Super Friends #27, which is a fun retro-feeling superhero adventure that tells a full story in three parts, features the whole Justice League (plus guest stars!), and pits them against colorful villains — all for only $2.50!!) and he found the perfect comic for his sister (Rugrats Comic Adventures #1).  I also bought the first issue of the new Spongebob Squarepants comic for both of them and that was a hoot for all of us.  (Mom worries about the influence of shows like Spongebob, especially in light of this recent study, but I love that there's a show that I can watch with my kids that makes all of us laugh.)

Anyway, my son is already asking when we can go back to the comic book store to get more comics (and I'm debating getting the Captain Britain Omnibus they have on sale for $60...), so I have a feeling my visits to local shops will be on the rise.  I still remember how excited I used to get when my parents would take me to the comic book store, so this is something I look forward to sharing with my kids.  I plan on writing about those shopping experiences here, in addition to posting the occasional review of the stuff I'm reading via the library or my iPad.  No promises about freshness or frequency, though — I'm a cheap bastard, so I mainly read things I can find for free or at significant discount, so by that point they're well past their prime in terms of Internet interest; and I don't have much free time, so I can pretty much guarantee there won't be daily updates on this blog.

Blogging about comics again... I guess I always knew it was bound to happen, but it's happening a little earlier than anticipated.  I certainly didn't expect to be back blogging before Battling Boy (my pick for most anticipated comic of 2010) came out.  Ah, comics.

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