Thursday, September 22, 2011

(Almost) Day-and-Date Reviews: Wonder Woman vol. 4 #1

Once again, DC's relentless promotional push for their "New 52" seems to have worn me down.

I wasn't planning on buying any of DC's new first issues digitally, but then I saw the preview pages for Wonder Woman (vol. 4) #1 at USA Today's Pop Candy blog and was curious enough to pay full price to check it out.

Specifically, this image caught my attention:

I liked it because it immediately communicates something about Diana's character:  She appears strong, confident, in control.  (It's certainly miles ahead of whatever David Finch was trying to convey when he depicted Diana in this rightly ridiculed pose.)

Anyway, the issue is good but I doubt I'll be back in a month for issue #2.  The premise is intriguing — I've always been interested in Greek mythology, so I'm happy that they're focusing on that aspect of Wonder Woman's back story — but the pacing feels like this is something that will read better in collected form, so there's no real urgency for me to download the next issue as soon as it's available.

Plus, the story-telling is a little disjointed, with the effect that a couple times I felt as though I'd flipped too fast and missed a page.  I'm thinking specifically of the scene where Hermes and Zola are first introduced:  They're both within the same house; Hermes looks out the window and then turns and refers to Zola by name; but Zola says that she doesn't know how Hermes got in the house.  It's an oddly staged scene that doesn't establish how Zola first came to find Hermes in her house.

Still, it's a beautiful-looking book with gorgeous artwork by Cliff Chiang, so I'll be waiting for the trade when it comes out sometime next year.  At the very least I look forward to seeing a strong superheroine standing tall rather than adopting any of the unnaturally contorted stances some of her fellow female characters have unfortunately been forced into.

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